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Miller Goodall provides assessment and design advice related to acoustics, air quality and lighting for feasibility and planning studies, construction and demolition, and final commissioning. Our advice, based on years of experience in the industry and regular ongoing training in the latest technology and legislation, helps to ensure the protection and enhancement of air quality and the acoustic environment and contributes to the delivery of the best possible project outcomes.


Environmental noise assessments

Environmental noise testing, measurement and prediction services using CadnaA advanced 3D computer-based noise modelling.

Acoustic design

Design of building envelopes and structural and interior elements to ensure that noise levels are appropriately managed, and advice on soundproofing and sound insulation.

Air quality assessments

Simple screening and detailed dispersion modelling assessments using computer software such as ADMS, for transportation, industrial and agricultural emissions to air.

Environmental lighting impact assessments 

The baseline lit environment is reviewed, determining whether existing or future human or ecological sensitive receptors will be impacted by the lighting design proposed as part of a planning application.

Dust assessments

Provision of detailed appraisal and modelling services that look at the effects of dust from industrial and construction sites.

Odour assessments

Provision of detailed appraisal and modelling services that look at the effects of odour from industrial and construction sites.

Mitigation and control measures

Advice on mitigation and control measures if issues relating to acoustics and/or air quality are identified.


Advice on vibration issues and how to protect structures from vibration.

Expert witness

Acting as expert witness on all aspects of acoustics and air quality at planning appeals, local plan inquiries and court cases.







Miller Goodall's proactive approach means we are always up to date with the latest industry news and technology, so you can be absolutely confident in the advice we give.

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