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We would like to welcome Unam Ejaz (Air Quality) and James Sharpe (Noise) to the Miller Goodall team.

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Miller Goodall provides assessment and design advice related to acoustics and air quality for feasibility and planning studies, construction and demolition, and final commissioning. Our advice, based on years of experience in the industry and regular ongoing training in the latest technology and legislation, helps to ensure the protection and enhancement of air quality and the acoustic environment and contributes to the delivery of the best possible project outcomes.


Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirEnvironmental noise assessments

Environmental noise testing, measurement and prediction services using CadnaA advanced 3D computer-based noise modelling.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirAcoustic design

Design of building envelopes and structural and interior elements to ensure that noise levels are appropriately managed, and advice on soundproofing and sound insulation.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and Air Sound insulation testing

Testing of converted and new buildings to show compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations for sound transmission, carried out by our team of registered sound insulation testers.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and Air Air quality assessments

Simple screening assessments and detailed dispersion modelling and assessment of road traffic and industrial emissions using computer software such as ADMS

Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirDust assessments

Provision of detailed appraisal and modelling services that look at the effects of dust from industrial and construction sites.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirOdour assessments

Provision of detailed appraisal and modelling services that look at the effects of odour from industrial and construction sites.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirMitigation and control measures

Advice on mitigation and control measures if issues relating to acoustics and/or air quality are identified.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirVibration

Advice on vibration issues and how to protect structures from vibration.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirExpert witness

Acting as expert witness on all aspects of acoustics and air quality at planning appeals, local plan inquiries and court cases.

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Miller Goodall Acoustic and Air Taking Your Project Forward

At Miller Goodall, we take projects forward. We are committed to enabling you to meet your acoustic and air quality regulatory obligations quickly and efficiently, by making our team part of yours.

We have a broad range of specialisms within the team, including air quality and acoustic consultants and environmental health officers with additional qualifications in noise, air quality and environmental protection.

Whichever sector we are working in and whatever the size of the project, we deliver outstanding customer service: from a multi-million pound development to a single barn conversion, we invest in really getting to know you and your project so we can understand and meet your needs exactly.

Offering an expert consultancy in both acoustics and air quality gives us an overview of your project that streamlines procedures and saves time and money.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and Air Clear Solutions to Complex Issues

Noise and air pollution can be serious issues for many people across the UK, causing stress and health problems for sufferers, delaying planning consents and leading to financial penalties for businesses.

The field of acoustics and air quality is complex and constantly evolving in response to new developments and guidelines, but Miller Goodall makes it all seem simple. Our informed, pragmatic advice and tailored services support developers, planners, architects and local authorities, helping them to improve project development and achieve successful outcomes.

Whether you want a noise assessment, acoustic design or testing, or an air quality assessment, we’ll handle all your acoustic and air quality needs so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and Air Delivering on Promises

More than 70% of our new clients find us as a direct result of recommendations from previous clients. Our reputation for reliability, cost effectiveness and technical excellence has gained us a wide and satisfied national client base, with a particular focus on the North West including Salford, Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Preston, Blackburn, Lancaster, Oldham and beyond, all of whom benefit from our extensive local knowledge.

At Miller Goodall, we don’t believe in empty promises. We work closely with you throughout, dealing with any queries you have quickly and efficiently. We deliver the service you need, meeting deadlines and moving your project forward smoothly and compliantly.


Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirMission 

We exist to support our clients to make the best decisions relating to the effect of acoustics and air quality.  We do this by providing timely, cost-effective, pragmatic, high quality advice and services, helping them to improve project development and achieve successful outcomes.
Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirVision

To be the air quality and noise partner of choice to take projects forward.

Miller Goodall Acoustic and AirSocial Responsibility
We are proud to be patrons of Bolton Lads and Girls Club, a fantastic local resource that helps young people in Bolton become happy, caring, responsible citizens.  BLGC provides a wide range of sporting and recreational opportunities, as well as support and guidance for the town's most at-risk children and teenagers.
Bolton Lads & Girls Club
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Miller Goodall's proactive approach means we are always up to date with the latest industry news and technology, so you can be absolutely confident in the advice we give.

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