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Acoustics and air qualityBackground

ASP Flexibles Ltd is a packaging supplier to the fresh produce market. When the company decided to more than triple its footprint in a £7m move to a new site in Wigan, it needed to show that operations on the new site would not cause unacceptable changes in the surrounding air quality

Acoustics and air qualityProposition

Miller Goodall was brought in by ASP Flexibles to provide a modelling study in relation to abatement plant to be used at the new site to reduce the amount of solvents emitted to the atmosphere by the manufacturing processes. The study needed to determine ground level concentrations of a number of pollutants around the site to assess whether or not they would have a signicant impact on local air quality. Mitigation measures were to be recommended if these were not acceptable.

Acoustics and air qualityInvestigation

In order to do complete the study, we gathered information regarding emissions from the proposed plant, technical details such as the dimensions of the proposed chimney stack serving the plant, and data on concentrations of the pollutants to be studied prior to the plant being installed. An air quality model was developed and used to show concentrations of the pollutants under investigation across the company’s site and adjacent areas.

Acoustics and air qualityAction and outcome

Pollution concentrations from the proposed new plant were predicted to be at acceptable levels across neighbouring areas. Planning permission was successfully achieved for the plant in question and ASP Flexibles moved to its site in Wigan in 2017.

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