Atlantic Industrials Ltd is a stockist for industrial bearings, supplying UK markets and exporting to countries worldwide. The proposed development was to support business expansion.

The existing buildings used by the company were are lit by 7 existing floodlights, installed from 2007 onwards. These floodlights are positioned at differing heights, tilt angles and directions, mostly serving staff parking and the delivery drop off areas in front of the building. As the existing lights were no longer suitable for the development the company planned to remove them and replace with modern LED floodlights, reflecting the revised lighting needs and HDV movements to the site.


Miller Goodall was appointed to prepare an exterior lighting design to accompany a planning application for a new storage unit and new HGV turning circle positioned adjacent to the existing buildings on the site of Atlantic Industrial Ltd in Higher Walton. Residential property is close to the eastern border of the site, it was crucial, therefore, to create a lighting solution which did not impair the amenity of the neighbouring residential properties.

Lighting Design

The illuminance (lux) level required for the HDV turning circle was identified from British Standard 12464 Part 2: Light and lighting. Lighting of work places - Outdoor work places.

A lighting design that fulfilled the British Standard requirements, in addition to being environmentally friendly, was created using the light modelling software, Lighting Reality (Reality Outdoor).

Light spill (shown in the figure) was reduced by careful product selection and placement of equipment.

The products operate at 3,000 Kelvin colour temperature, which reduces the amount of harmful blue wavelength light spilling into the environment. No tilt angles were necessary in the design, providing environmental benefits compared to the 50-degree angles used on existing floodlighting. High levels of lighting were needed for the turning circle, compared to the existing car park. Our design identified the front areas could be lit with 5 floodlights reducing the total number of floodlights in operation by two compared to the existing scheme. Thus, the design also provides our client with energy and cost savings going forward.


The local authority raised no issues with the lighting design and planning permission for the scheme has been granted.

Embedded mitigation from the outset included limiting night-time deliveries, acoustic barriers, and layout placement (office furthest from pollution sources & manufacturing further from sensitive receptors.

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