Four Acres, Drumacre Lane 

Our client required two planning conditions relating to dust associated with the construction of their development to be discharged:

  • Details of vehicle wheel cleaning procedures; and
  • Submission and approval of a dust management plan (DMP).

The development involved the demolition of an existing farm and outbuildings and the development of two residential units, with associated landscaping.

A DMP was prepared to cover both planning conditions, it included:

  • Description of the project and sources.
  • Relevant risk of each source generating dust.
  • Identification of surrounding sensitive receptors.
  • Mitigation for each source including a complaint procedure.
  • Preparation of the DMP to the Institute of Air Quality Management ‘Guidance on the Assessment of Dust from Demolition and Construction 2014

The development is small, therefore, extensive wheel washing activities were not considered appropriate.  We identified that a  pressurised hose connected to a water supply would be appropriate rather than an on-site water bowser or automatic wheel wash equipment.

The DMP was subsequently approved.


 Waltham Forest Town Hall, London & Chester Rd

Goody Demolition required the preparation of DMPs for two projects in London. Both developments included the demolition of the former on-site structures and formation of new residential developments.

Each DMP was prepared in accordance with the Greater London Authority ‘The Control of Dust and Emissions during Construction and Demolition Supplementary Planning Guidance’ 2014.

Extensive mitigation was listed for each source and activity. The GLA Guidance has stringent requirements for monitoring and two dust deposition monitors were identified for the site, one in an upwind location and one in a downwind location.

A complaint procedure was created for the two sites and included an example administrative document to be completed and filing procedure should a complaint ever be received.

Miller Goodall also provided advice and information to inform their internal dust management systems for future projects. Our client has adopted this document in their day-to-day operations for future dust management operations.

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