OnSide Youth Zones are a national charitable initiative designed to give young people aged 8-19, or up to 25 for those with a disability, somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to. The Youth Zones aim to help them develop new skills and socialise in a safe, positive and accessible environment. More than 38,000 members make around 500,000 visits every year, with the facilities attracting young people from the most disadvantaged communities.

There are currently 15 OnSide Youth Zones, with plans for several more. The Bolton Lads and Girls Club, of which Miller Goodall is a long-time patron, was the first Onside Youth Zone and created the model that the others were to follow.

OnSide Youth Zones are usually located in urban areas with poor air quality and residential properties nearby. They offer a wide variety of activities, some of which have the potential to cause noise such as the skate park, kick pitch, performing arts room and music room. Miller Goodall was brought in by OnSide Youth Zones to look at issues around air quality and acoustics relating to planning permission for a number of their facilities.


Where a noise assessment was required, we gathered background noise data to determine existing noise levels and undertook noise prediction modelling to investigate the impact of the planned development. Where an air quality assessment was required, we gathered data about existing air quality at the site. We then undertook a detailed air quality assessment and modelling or a simple assessment, as needed.

Action and outcome

In some cases, mitigation was required, particularly around the potential noise that skate parks and kick pitches could create. Of the eight developments with which Miller Goodall was involved, all have now received planning permission. We continue to work with OnSide Youth Zones to help them reach their target of twenty Youth Zones by 2020.

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