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A B Foods
Miller Goodall Ltd (MGL) was appointed to undertake a noise assessment at a large food manufacturing facility in Leigh. This assessment was requested by the Local Authority to support a planning application for a new extraction fan and odour control plant.
Miller Goodall Ltd (MGL) was appointed by a biotechnology firm in St Helens to investigate a noise complaint relating to an extraction system and exhaust stack located close to a nearby housing estate. Although noise control measures in the form of an acoustic enclosure had already been installed around a noisy extract fan, it was evident that gaps between panels were allowing noise to escape from the enclosure. Furthermore, noise from the exhaust stack propagated freely to nearby dwellings.
Chatburn Road
Miller Goodall Ltd (MGL) was asked to provide technical advice on noise and vibration for a plot of land proposed for 10 residential properties, next to a large mineral quarry outside Clitheroe. The application had been refused planning permission due to concerns that the development would place a constraint on the quarry and effectively prevent the extraction of minerals. The advice was to be used to inform a public planning inquiry.
Coldalhurst Lane
Miller Goodall Ltd (MGL) was appointed to undertake a noise impact assessment to determine the suitability of a site for a proposed residential development. An outline planning application, comprising up to 300 residential dwellings and associated landscaping, was to be submitted for a green-field area located on land to the south of Coldalhurst Lane, Astley.
Junction 7
Miller Goodall Ltd (MGL) was appointed to undertake a noise assessment in relation to the redevelopment of a site used for warehousing, offices and various industrial activities. The site was bordered by other industrial and commercial units to the east, residential development to the north and open fields to the west and south east. A hotel was located approximately 250m to the south west of the site.
Knauf Insulation
Miller Goodall Ltd (MGL) was approached to undertake extensive field testing for a large, multi-national manufacturer of building construction materials. This was part of a research project funded by the manufacturer to quantify the effect of the addition of low density insulating fillers on the thermal and sound insulation properties of separating walls in existing social housing stock constructed circa 1950.

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