Development for 18 residential dwellings was proposed approximately 300 m from the Hunmanby Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW). An assessment of odour from sewage was requested by Yorkshire Water to inform the planning submission.


Miller Goodall was appointed by DHM Properties to carry out an odour impact and site suitability assessment. Yorkshire Water has published odour guidance which requires an assessment of odour for developments being sought within 400 m radius of their operations.


An odour assessment to meet the requirements of the Institute of Air Quality Management ‘Guidance on the Assessment of Odour for Planning’ was carried out, comprising a multi-tool assessment involving a risk assessment, complaint analysis and olfactometry sniff tests.  Methodology discussions were held with Scarborough Borough Council & Yorkshire Water.

Initially, a desk-based risk assessment to consider source-pathway-receptor was completed. This reviewed the potential odour risk, local meteorological data (including wind patterns) and the risk to future residents. A negligible risk was concluded.

An on-site sniff test was subsequently completed to provide further evidence and support this conclusion. Sniff testing at several locations and distances from the WWTW was completed. No significant risk of odour was identified at the proposed development site.

Action and outcome

The odour assessment indicated there was no significant risk of future residents being exposed to adverse effects of odour from the WWTW. No further mitigation to protect future residents from odour was, therefore, required.

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