Low Laithes Golf Club required reprofiling of existing golf holes, improvement of existing practice area through the importation of inert material.


To proposed development was next to an air quality management area (AQMA) and triggered the criteria of Heavy Duty Vehicle movements (HDV) at the adjacent road. The improvement works would also lead to dust generation so mitigation was required.


MGL prepared an Air Quality Assessment and Dust and Emissions Management Plan (AQDEMP). An air quality assessment was prepared to the latest legislation, guidance, and best practice including the West Yorkshire Low Emissions Strategy (WYLES) Air Quality and Technical Planning Guidance document.

MGL facilitated the data required from the transport consultant and modelled the impacts from additional traffic on the surrounding road network.

The model concluded negligible impact at the existing sensitive receptors.

Additionally, a Dust and Emissions Mitigation Plan was prepared to identify the mitigation measures to control and limit dust generation at the site.

Action and outcome

The AQDEMP was approved by the local authority with no further revisions required, which allowed works to commence on time.

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