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Local authorities have requirements under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 to regulate certain industrial sectors in relation to pollution emissions. Miler Goodall provides support to local authorities to meet their regulatory requirements and can undertake inspection and follow-up work under this regime.

We also provide support and advice to the industrial sector regulated under this regime in relation to permit applications, variation and surrender of environmental permits.

Acoustics and air qualityKey features

  • Support to local authorities
  • Inspection and follow-up work
  • Expert support and advice to the industrial sector

Acoustics and air qualityDid you know

85% of the global population live in areas exceeding the WHO Air Quality Guidelines.

Experts in their field, good communications maintained through project life.

David Smith
David Smith Director, Egniol Environmental Ltd

Miller Goodall is very professional and efficient and has provided an excellent service.

Lorna Rouke
Lorna Rouke Principal Environmental Health Officer, Rossendale Borough Council Environmental Health Services

Bringing Miller Goodall into your project as environmental consultants means you can be certain that you are meeting the required standards of environmental best practice. Talk to us:

Miller Goodall limited Logo

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