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Loud noise at work can damage people’s hearing and lead to safety risks. Noise at work assessments are a legal requirement to protect the hearing of staff within the workplace, which may include the industrial, commercial and entertainment sectors. Miller Goodall will carry out the assessments, measuring the levels of noise and providing advice on noise control measures where necessary.

Acoustics and air qualityKey features

  • Monitor, predict and assess noise
  • Expert advice on mitigation
  • Consult closely with local authorities
  • Provide reports

Acoustics and air qualityFeatured project: Norville Group

Norville Group, a manufacturer of prescription safety lenses in Bolton, appointed Miller Goodall to undertake an assessment of workplace noise exposure. Read more

Excellent service.

Martin Jordan
Martin Jordan Director, Hurstwood Environmental

Very accommodating and helpful service. We have used the company for several projects, all completed satisfactorily.

Andrew Conner
Andrew Conner Architect, ABW Architects

Bringing Miller Goodall into your project as environmental consultants means you can be certain that you are meeting the required standards of environmental best practice. Talk to us:

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