Noise and air quality criteria for residential developments have been established to protect health. Planning applications for new residences frequently require assessments of noise and air quality to ensure the environment meets appropriate guidelines. Miller Goodall has extensive experience in providing these assessments, often working in partnership with the design team to ensure they are considered as an integral part of the planning process.

The new ProPG planning and noise guidance advises early involvement for good acoustic design, which can assist in smoothing the planning process by designing out potential noise.

Miller Goodall also has experience of assessing the noise and air quality impacts of combustion sources such as Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP) associated with residential developments as part of the planning process.

New and converted residential properties are required to meet the sound insulation standards contained within Part E of the Building Regulations. Residential properties created from converted properties usually need specialist acoustic and air pollution consultancy input. Miller Goodall provides advice to developers on how the structure of a building can achieve and better these requirements. We also provide sound insulation testing for the purposes of Part E of the Building Regulations and currently have five registered testers under the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) pre-completion sound insulation testing scheme.

Part E of the Building Regulations also applies to care homes, hotels, student accommodation and houses of multiple occupation.

Did you know

A gap underneath an acoustic fence, often left for hedgehogs, makes the barrier far less effective.

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Bringing Miller Goodall into your project as environmental consultants means you can be certain that you are meeting the required standards of environmental best practice. Talk to us:

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